"Those who have seen him play will agree that Gareth Pearson is a special talent. Fingerstyle pyrotechnics combined with explosive lead runs make Pearson one of the most exciting acoustic musicians gigging today".


Steve Harvey /Guitarist Magazine 

“Gareth Pearson is no average guitar player. He has developed a distinctive style and execution to his playing that has earned him the greatest of accolades from World renowned players. In less than five years, he has grown from a relatively unknown guitar appreciator into a fully fledged professional who now performs in many parts of the World. With influences such as Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel and Merle Travis, Gareth’s arsenal of techniques represents a broad gamut to be entertained by, even if one cannot see his fingers move as they dance with such fluidity. These opinions of popularity are beginning to grow further as guitar greats including Jan Akkerman and Tommy Emmanuel have invited and requested Gareth’s company on tour. Add to this his characteristic vocal signatures and you have one of the World’s most developed new guitar players that has truly blossomed”.

 Acoustic Magazine